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Welcome to Vibe – Communicating sense

The communications industry is on the verge of its biggest change with emerging and converging markets in mobile and IP telephony. Here at Vibe we challenge your existing working practises and communications set up to show you how the latest technology can help your business. We understand that each customer has different levels of experience, different priorities and different working methods, this is where Vibe’s Total Business Solution is there to make your life easy, leaving you time to concentrate on what really matters.

Total Business Solution

One Bill. Be it mobile, fixed, internet or Voip, Vibe provides one monthly statement that unites all your communication costs.
Convergence. The collaboration of mobile and IP technology to create innovative forms of communication.
Mobility. Making it easier to keep in touch remotely or on the move.
Effective technology. We use the latest technology not only to give you fantastic features and benefits, but to also save you money.


The concept behind Vibe is to provide a ‘total communication package’ for business customers in a simple, concise and professional manner. In the past the telecoms mobile and internet sectors were divided and would share a customer in their respective areas of expertise. Now however Vibe is one of the only communication providers that has brought together the latest technology combining VOIP, fixed, mobile and internet services and wrapped it in a unique one bill service that allows a company visibility of its communication portfolio as they have never experienced before. This in turn will create new opportunity and break down those barriers where companies have been entrenched with the same provider over the years.

Vibe has focussed on 5 key areas

VOIP - A business standard ‘voice over the internet protocol’ uses a computer data network giving free calls between network users and cheap calls when they break out of the network. Vibe has the most advanced hosted PBX system in the UK and the only company able to offer true Wifi VOIP and Mobile convergence through its platform.

FIXED - Providing broadband, leased lines, business trunking, virtual private networks, Non geographical numbers with primary and premium rate numbers, to support the connectivity of the VOIP network.

MOBILE - Offering voice and data services, with products from Blackberry to the new Nokia N95 using dual mode handsets. Vibe a direct relationship with Vodafone to offer a unique approach mobile billing, such as split billing and understanding direct cost.. This service can be offered separately and as part of a total communications package

INTERNET – Email and websites are very much a part of the way we communicate in a modern business world today, so when a company needs to set up email, domain names and web hosting services, Vibe provides this as part of its total communication package. Also as part of our package Vibe will offer hosted Desktop services to complement its complete office solution.

BILLING - Vibe has a state of the art billing platform specifically designed to merge all of the above cost/revenue streams into a unique one bill service, with an online account management tool that can group communication costs right down to a department or an individual. This gives unprecedented visibility and allows a customer to even analyse its own working practises.

We also accept that certain businesses may not or can not take up Vibes total business solution at once and so we will look to work with you on individual sectors of our business as well.

As Vibes systems are either cellular or software based, it makes it easy to up-date as technology advances; this means, not only is there minimal capital outlay for service provision, but there’s no future reinvestment costs and no system maintenance costs as is normally expected. Aligned with free calls within the network and cheaper calls to PSTN from fixed or mobile services, makes Vibe a provider of today’s communication needs using the latest technology to reduce costs and at the same time offer far more benefits than the traditional telecoms sector ever could or will be able to offer.


Vibe Communications is a unique operator in the UK providing a ‘total communication package’ for business customers with a wholesale service focus. The M6 platform is a key component to Vibe’s service offering with the latest VoIP, fixed, mobile, Internet, and Desktop Service Intelligence in a true best-of-breed, managed network environment. Vibe simplifies the customer experience by combining all these services into one bill. Read full story

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