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Vibes Broadband is used to carry data to its intended destination in the form of email, downloads, web browsing, video conferencing and now voice traffic.

Broadband is fast replacing standard telephone lines (PSTN & ISDN) as the chosen method for voice communications. By using Vibes Voip you still make a call in the same way, it is just routed via a different method.
Broadband is used to link up remote workers, mobile workforces and home workers, to create a network infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of conventional set-ups. This means they can be in contact through voice and data services as though they were within the main building itself. We look at the number of users to gauge the bandwidth required and then monitor the use of broadband over a given period to determine if the bandwidth is sufficient or needs increasing to make sure quality of service is maintained.


  1. Unique bandwidth management. Creating QoS for critical voice services.
  2. Connection to our network. Your broadband connects direct to us before linking to the internet.
  3. Telephone and broadband services handled by Vibe as part of its One bill service.


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