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Vibe, your advanced mobile provider.
We are constantly pushing the boundaries of the mobile technology to bring you the latest tools to assist you in your everyday life. We are here to introduce you to the products that will suit you, support you throughout and keep you informed about current developments. We specialise in the following areas:

  1. HSDPA- mobile sim cards for P.C based equipment.
  2. Sip clients- cheaper call routing from your mobile phone through wi-fi technology.
  3. Push outlook- instant synchronisation of your outlook notes, tasks, calendar and e-mail 24/7.
  4. Smart phone products- the latest phones with the latest features available to you.
  5. Unbeatable maintenance and cover services.
  6. High visibility of call traffic creating cost centres through Vibe’s one bill service.
  7. Split Billing- Separate business and personal calls providing a clear definition between work and play.

What a fantastic mobile service…

case study

''BlackBerry has made my working life so much easier. By keeping e-mails up to date at anytime I am able be much more productive and respond quicker to customers. Time out of the office would have to coincide with quiet email days. With my BlackBerry I have the ability to respond to, and create timely communications from wherever I am.''
Human Resources Director of  The JP Hanratty Company, the leading global integrated event marketing agency