vibe coms


Do you understand your mobile costs?
Do you pay a high monthly fee?
Do you know your call rates?
Did you know you pay higher charges if you exceed your contracted limit?
Did you know you pay for the minutes and texts whether you use them or not!?

With Vibe- You just pay for what you use.

Vibe has a new approach, you pay for what you use and charges are fair throughout no matter the call volume. This enables Vibe to also integrate the costs into the overall billing platform so you can assess the true call data for each mobile your business uses.

Vibe’s Features

  1. Small monthly sim rental
  2. Phone price can either be upfront or incorporated in a monthly fee
  3. Competitive rates that become cheaper the more you use it
  4. Latest connectivity and products available
  5. Dedicated team and customer service
  6. Quick postal service for temporary phones