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voip - features and benefits

Vibes VOIP features and benefits can really change your businesses effectiveness.

  1. Basic or enhanced features-Depending your role within the company, will define what features are best suited to you. This is the basis of our service which all other features below are added to.
  2. Unified messaging. If you are unable to take a call, the caller can leave you a message and you will receive an e-mail, sms text and desk phone recognition to indicate a message is waiting.
  3. Web portal assistance- this enables you to manage your calls, directories, messages and forwarding facilities really empowering you to take control.
  4. Conferencing- in the modern world we can now have group discussions through conferencing facilities rather than traveling to an agreed destination to discuss the same things. Thereby making the most of your working day.
  5. Call centre features- Vibe has the ability to manage a large volume of incoming calls and direct them to the appropriate department or person while also providing statistical information relating to that call.
  6. Console assistance for receptions- You may require a switchboard/ receptionist operator to be the initial point of contact and to redirect your calls appropriately.
  7. Soft phone- Dial from your computer/laptop no matter where you are in the world. All calls still connect to our system and charged at the same rate.

case study

“We now realize, how bad our old telephone system was with regards to the cost to run, maintain and use the service, but when you know no better you accept it as the standard.

We are more than happy with Hosted VoIP Solution. We have flexibility and visibility, we are more efficient and things run smoothly because of it. We have the quality of service and an array of functions and feature that would have been expensive through the traditional telecoms route. We can make free calls throughout our network and benefit from lower call charges when we break-out to the exchange; all in all it’s the perfect solution for us”

Director of services at Connliegh Castle David Jones