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Desktop is at the forefront of the Software as a Service (SaaS) revolution, with all your software and data located in a central purpose-built data centre rather than being stored on your local PC or network, with access to your software and data over a secure high speed connection.

Hosted desktop

Imagine having a computer that always works at maximum speed and efficiency that never runs out of memory, that never slows down because you have too many applications open. Imagine how much more you could get done. Imagine being able to do all that without buying any new hardware. You can.

Vibe Hosted Desktop means you need never use your computer again. Instead, your computer – whether it’s a desktop, laptop, thin client, PDA or Blackberry – simply provides an online ‘window’ to all of your office applications and data Instead of having to install, update and run applications on your machine, or file, back-up and store data on your server, you simply open the window and use them on our server. A window you can access from any internet-connected machine, at any location, via a secure password. How much more could your business achieve with a hosted remote desktop solution that enabled all your employees to access the same software and the same files and information that they use in the office, wherever they are – on client premises, on the move or at home.

Hosted Exchange

This fantastic services gives you business class email using Microsoft Outlook from anywhere in the world, enabling you to access your Outlook email from your desktop, through a web browser or on a mobile device (PDA, Blackberry or Windows Mobile smart phone).With up to 70% of a company's information being held on emails you can be sure that you have a secure and reliable email solution with daily back-ups and support around the clock and with shared calendars, folders and contacts synchronised instantly it is much more than just an email service. Your information will be held on servers in a state-of-the-art data centre, removing the need for you to have an expensive mail server in-house. Vibe will provide a fully supported and managed solution giving you higher levels of service and saving you money.