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POP3 Email

Vibe provides POP3 email accounts which enable you to use your company's domain name to create the email addresses. You can access your POP mailbox using any email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

What vibe primarily promotes is its push e-mail services using windows mobile, blackberry and Nokia exchange services, giving you the most comprehensive tools to manage your email services while on the move.


An alternative to Hosted Exchange - if you are just looking for a robust hosted email service IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an excellent option. As with Hosted Exchange you don't need to have an email server in-house and you can access your email from anywhere

Key features of the hosted email service:

Webmail, described in more detail below

Webmail enables you to access your email through a web browser by logging in to our secure Webmail service. All you need is a web browser and internet connectivity. Webmail is available to customers with either POP3 or IMAP email accounts though it is more commonly used just with IMAP.

Although Webmail direct is available with both POP and IMAP, the advantage of using it in conjunction with IMAP email is that you can see all your emails and folders (except shared folders), even if you've already downloaded the emails via another email client. For example, if you are in the office and you download email into your Outlook, then leave the office and check your email from home using Webmail direct, you will still be able to see the emails in your inbox (and folders underneath your inbox). However, if you use Webmail direct with a POP mailbox, if you've downloaded your messages with another email client and then login via your web account you will not see any emails as they've already been downloaded from the
Web Hosting.

This provides the facility to serve your website so the world can view it. Our servers are consistently rated amongst the fastest in the UK and we deliberately keep each one lightly loaded so that the performance is always available however busy your site gets. We can offer either Unix or Windows based hosting to suit your site and are always happy to offer advice on how best to achieve your aims.

Web Design

From concept to implementation, Vibe can build this to your specification. We have people experienced in strategic design and marketing expertise to help position and attract customers to your site.

Websites have to be easy to navigate, be guided by the latest research, be clearly branded and yet visually dynamic. Vibe
can improve what you have, or create a brand new, contemporary and professional website for you.

We can manage your entire online presence and it all starts around a table. We’ll come and discuss your requirements and budget.
We’ll take your brief, and return with a proposal you’ll like, an achievable timeline and a reasonable price.