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E-mail2SMS services, (Text mail).

Vibe’s text mail is an e-mail2SMS service which runs within Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or on its own. All you have to do is imagine how this service will help you contact and inform your customers in a cost effective, simple and concise manner, the applications are endless.

This service can be used by anyone in the world to send a sms message via a P.C to an individual or to a group broadcasting any message of your choice. With our unique reply path there is no need to enter an e-mail address simply reply as though you were replying to a normal text message and we will convert it to e-mail.

Vibe adds a toolbar to outlook that will allow you to send sms messages to your contacts with mobile details. Text e-mail can also be launched from the start menu or quick keys, so no matter what you are doing at your P.C , you can send a message.

Short code messaging

Have a dedicated or shared short-code number as a means to allow people to respond to advertising/promotions or simply just to voice their opinions. This service is a SMS premium rated text service whereby customers revenue share through generating call volumes through the short code dialling.