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company - environmental policy

Vibe will be active in its environmental work for the purpose of constantly improving the environment in a way that is economically and commercially viable. We are convinced that this will make our company more attractive to employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

To the greatest possible extent, Vibe operates various recycling systems so that it can be an active participant in a sustainable society:

Vibe takes environmental aspects into consideration when purchasing goods and services and prefers to choose suppliers who respect the environment. We usecleaning companies who carry out their service in an environmentally friendly manner and we purchase office supplies that have the sign of the swan (or otherenvironmental guarantees)

Vibe constantly informs and involves all employees in its environmental work so that they are able to act in an environmentally responsible manner, for example:

Vibe is familiar with and complies with legislation relating to the environment and its environmental work and policies are constantly reviewed. Environmental work is an integral part of the company’s activities and every company director, reporting to the Chairman, is responsible for ensuring that Vibe environmental policy is applied and that any existing actions plans are implemented.

Vibe reports the company’s environmental impact internally every year. Studies provide feedback and proposals for improvements to the company’s environmental work.